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Note: We try to use plain language in this text. This may be unusual, but it is important to us. If you have any comments on the text, please email Christiane Mache.

Young Global Engagement …

Young Global Engagement presupposes an examination of colonialism and postcolonialism. Colonialism means the conquest of other countries.


This is associated with the submission, exploitation and also murder of other people. Many countries of the Global North have done this for many centuries, especially in the Global South.


Colonialism has to do with racism. Postcolonialism describes that even today there are injustices that come from the time of colonialism. It is important to unlearn the kind of thinking from colonial times. Otherwise, colonialism with its bad consequences will never be completely gone.


It is also important to listen to each other. Often there are ideas here in the Global North about what is good or bad. Other ideas from the Global South are heard less or not at all. Meeting and talking to each other can help to understand each other better and to find solutions together for the problems of our time. Young Global Engagement therefore tries to bring young people together. Important topics are post-colonialism and sustainability.

Why do we want to promote global civil society engagement of young people?

We want to help young people between the ages of 14-30 to get involved. You can become active yourself! For example, you can learn to work together with others. You can participate for a short or longer period of time.

Young people are the future.  There are different ways to get involved. By getting to know opinions from the global south and exchanging them with others, you can broaden your own perspective. Together we can learn more from each other and move things forward!

These are our projects

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Are you between 14-30 years old and interested in global justice? Take a closer look at our Young Global Citizens projects POSTKOLONIAL BREMEN, VOICES FROM THE GLOBAL SOUTH and HANDPRINT.


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The work area of Young Global Engagement is changing.


There was a group called the Young Development Forum (Jep) for several years. This was a small group that worked for more global justice and solidarity.


For example, they organised seminars on topics like climate change. The group talked for a long time about what development is.


Development is a process in which something comes into being or something changes. Worldwide development of countries means that the living situation of humanity changes permanently.


Here in Germany, we often have a precise idea of how this works. But there are very different opinions on what good development looks like.


For some, it is more important that everyone earns a lot of money. For others, it is more important that all children can go to school. Others think it is more important that the environment is clean.


The ideas on good development from the global south are often not heard. That is not fair. We therefore want to look about alternatives to the development we know from Germany.